Using Vine to market your product

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

vine marketing

Vine is the new Video platform that is the latest rage in the digital world. Vine is a platform owned by Twitter. The content on Vine consists of 6 second videos and it works exactly like Twitter where people follow you on Vine, re-vine your videos, comment on them, favorite them etc. It was launched a few years ago and now it is a part of any successful content marketing matrix for brands on social media.

Here are a few tips to maximize your content marketing on Vine:-

  • Get the message right – You have all of 6 seconds to tell your story. It is really important that you get the messaging right in your Vine video. The content is what really differentiates an average Vine from a really great Vine. Having said that, it is not a very easy platform to crack and the content is not very easy to create. Time is the main essence here. You have 6 precious seconds to leave an impact on the audience. It is important to maintain the fine balance between not wasting the time but yet at the same time, not trying to cram everything into those very 6 seconds. The message should be simple, relevant and easy.
  • Branding is a must – all successful Vines have to have their brand’s essence at heart. For example as Samsung, their Vines always showcase something around the theme of sports, as French Connection, their Vines focus around clothing, as Oreo, the Vines focus around different ways of eating the cookie etc. Keep in mind that the Vine must connect to your brand else you have lost the audience.
  • Do not hard sell – This is as important as branding your vine. If you hard sell too much, you come across as really desperate. Do not opt for the traditional methods of advertising which have the basic call to action. This is not a 30 second TVC or a print to work that way. The connection to your brand on a Vine has to be really subtle. Initially your Vines may not get too much traction. The actual interactions happen only after your audience has gotten used to your style of Vine videos.
  • Make sure there is a hook – a hook will ensure that your audience returns to see your next Vine. You could keep it as a series. Ask people to predict what happens next etc. Your audience should eagerly wait in anticipation for the next video to come out from your brand. Ensure that you use all the strengths of the brand and do not try anything that is overtly away from the brand.

Vine is still at a very nascent stage. It looks like Twitter is waiting to see how many brands adapt it and how. As long as Twitter sees potential in the platform, they will keep expanding it and adding newer features to improve the platform. Having said that, Vine private messaging has recently entered the fray. This opens new avenues for users to interact with the platform. With more such features coming up soon, we are set for an interesting future where Vine is concerned.

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