Top Five Online Marketing Tools for Your Business

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

online marketing tools

With the rise of the internet and the ever increasing number of internet users, the internet now offers one of the most promising and booming platforms for commerce, marketing and resource acquisition. Amazon and the other gigantic online markets are proof to the efficacy of the internet as a platform for Commerce. Brick and mortar businesses and all business for that matter can experience growth exponentially if they incorporate internet marketing into their marketing strategy to increase their reach and get more clients. This article is about five of the best online marketing tools that can be implemented by a business to achieve just that.



Social media is one of the biggest online marketing frontiers. The rise of popular social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook are testament to this. In this vein, Hootsuite is one of the best tools for social media marketing management. Hootsuite gives you the ability to schedule content updates on various social media accounts. It displays all the accounts streams separately giving one the ability to analyze individual accounts. Moreover, Hootsuite offers an app that one can use on the go to keep tabs on all social media dynamics of online marketing.



If what your business offers can be promoted by videos then YouTube offers an amazing channel. Enticing videos that people will actually want to see is the way to go. The videos can then be promoted through other means such as social media. YouTube therefore tends to work better in combination with other marketing tools. It is also super simple to use. The truth is that video is not everyone’s cup of tea but if your interest is making video part of your website, Wisita is another tool that can assist you do it right.

Content is the brick and mortar on online marketing. If you offer no solid and attractive content that is attractive to people then you will generate zero traffic. is a free tool that is great for doing just that; generating great content relevant to your cause and what you have to offer. The thing to always have in mind is that whatever content you come up with should be engaging and should promote your brand. CopyBlogger, Ezdia and Demand metric are other content generation tools that you can check out for the sake of variety.


Google Analytics

Google analytics is free and easy to use. It is an extremely useful tool that will give you quality data and help you comprehend statistics like the number of people acting on your site. The information acquired will go a long way in helping make informed decisions that can positively impact the business. Webtrends and Quest are other analytics oriented tools.


Mail Chimp

Keeping people engaged is very important in online marketing. In some instances, depending on the type of business, E-mail is just the way to do it. Mail chimp is a tool that will help by assisting in management of an emailing list, automating delivery and offering templates to easily lay out the content. Rapid mail and Zoho are other options in email management.

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