The Top 5 Best Books to Become a Good Web Developer

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

5 web developer books

The number of internet users continues to rise rapidly as smartphones and tablets continue to increase in number and popularity. This highlights the importance of the internet as the next big frontier for business. With the internet becoming an important, multidimensional platform; web design has come of age as websites jostle each other to gain recognition and attract more visitors. Below are the top five books for an aspiring web developer. They will help you on your journey to learn and improve the skill of web development and design.


HTML and CSS: design and build websites

This book is a bestseller on amazon and with good reason too. It gives an opportunity to learn the fundamentals and essentials of building a good website. The books presents its subject matter well in easy to learn language that is friendly. This is one book that will not leave you feeling discouraged at the complexity and expanse of all there is to web development and design. For this reason, it one of the best books that an aspiring web designer should have in their library. The book can be gotten on amazon for $20.


Learning web design: a beginner’s guide

This is a technical book. One you should lay your hands on once you feel you have a grip on the web design basics. It is thoroughly comprehensive and all about mastering web development and design concepts. It is a must have if you desire to properly learn web design. Be warned, it is quite big; amounting to around 600 pages, but that should not in any way discourage you. The book goes beyond CSS and HTML venturing into graphics and JavaScript. It is well put together and has numerous exercises that assist in sinking the concepts further and getting one into the habit of code experimentation. It costs around $20 on amazon.


CSS mastery: advanced web standards solution

It is a practical book that can be acquire for $26 on amazon. This book will spur your progress light years ahead into top level mastery of web design. It has practical methods for facing and tackling common issues you are bound to come across in designing a website. It is simply a must have.



Designing with web standards

This book was recently refreshed with the inclusion of Ethan Marcotte, the individual who came up with the term ‘responsive web design’. This book will teach you why it is important to write HTML and CSS that is standard compliant, and, above all, how to do it. It is a book you should lay your hands on once you have concrete HTML and CSS command. It also covers various issues you might come across and techniques on how to tackle them.


The elements of user experience: user centered design for the web

This book lays down the complexity of user oriented web design and uses easy to understand explanations and illustrations. Its main focus is ideas as opposed to the books above which focus on tools and techniques. This book will give you a bird’s eye-view of user based web development from what is requires and the strategies to use to designs and architecture. It will go a long way in helping you come up with a positive user experience.

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