The power of remarketing in the world of internet marketing

Friday, November 17th, 2017

internet marketing

Remarketing will definitely help you to reach your destination in case you choose it as one of your internet marketing strategies and plans. Few lines about remarketing before we begin:

  1. It is posting ads of your website to certain visitors and leads at different websites without being actually called in a search.
  2. This is an attempt to be visible to those whom you delineate to have a good potential for conversion.

People often refrain to put more ad budget into the remarketing procedure. Following are some good reasons why remarketing at least to some extent is advisable as a good internet marketing policy:

  1. Market research has proved that larger the number of times a lead sees an ad impression more is his likelihood to convert into a customer. This is usually applicable for those leads that have already registered in your website and have shown quite a bit of interest in your content or product. Giving promotional offers to old customers in the form of remarketed ad has been one of the sure shot ways of further sales. It is to be noted that Click through rates decrease after a certain duration of time but those who clicks will surely become your customer. Thus some amount of remarketing to these leads or visitors should be accommodated.
  2. As against the popular belief, people are less prone to get tired from remarketing ads than those form new non-remarketing ads. Market statistics have also proved this. The theory is simple if the surfer has visited your website, spent some time and clicked on some CTR then he should be fatigued by your remarketing ad. In most cases, these remarketing ads act as reminder tools in internet marketing. The greatest benefit of remarketing is that you can choose your visitors from the web traffic whom you want to send these ads. An optimized remarketing is always beneficial since the list of visitors and the type of ad you sent are cleverly construed based on visitor behavior and interaction on your website.
  • Remarketing gives you the option for Display ads or ads with images like those we see on Facebook. This gives you the unique opportunity of brand building that is not possible on a Search Engine Results Page. A Display ad always brings more impression on the clients mind when compared to mere text ads. People remember a visual more than a catchy line considering so many web pages any surfer visits to satisfy his search query.
  1. Remarketing ads help in trust building among your leads and users. Advertisements that are shown frequently always have a positive impact on human psychology. Being visible on various pages, that the user surfs through the day may help your company build that trust. In this context, it is to be noted that the average surfers know very little about internet marketing strategies and concepts. He might consider your website to be really popular when he sees your remarketing ads everywhere he visits online.

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