Social media benefits for a business

Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

social media benefits

The world is presently one huge global village, all thanks to internet connectivity. I seem to meet a lot of people on the streets that are in my circle of friends on various social media platforms. This got me musing on the benefits any business can leverage from social media networks.

According to a new research done by MediaPost Inc., more than 75% of American adults use social networking platforms. Interestingly, 40% of the polled social network users rely on opinions and trends on social media to make purchasing decisions.

It is apparent that if used properly, social media has numerous benefits to offer businesses, regardless of the size or orientation of the business (whether the business sells goods or offers services). Some of these social media benefits for a business include;

Reduced marketing costs

Social media platforms offer a cost effective alternative for you to market your business and increase brand awareness. It will not cost you a dime to pin an Image on Pinterest or even upload a video on YouTube. The only cost incurred maybe in the development of content that you will use on these platforms.

On the other hand, paid social media marketing isn’t as expensive as staging a marketing campaign using the mainstream media. Since paid social media marketing entails use of parameters like demographics, keywords, interests and geographical locations, every penny you spent hits your goal right on target.

Refined communication

Social media is an effective communication hub that puts you right within hearing distance of what your customers are talking about concerning your products. Many platforms allow for direct interaction between the page administrator and the audience. This puts you in a position to not only get instant feedback but also reach out to individuals more directly.

Increased Traffic to your website

To harness social media benefits for a business, you should ensure that your business has a website. A website offers commercially intent audience of your social media posts, pins, updates and tweets the ability to get more information or even respond to a call to action. Social media marketing will in many instances act as a banner for your website. With the increased traffic to your website, it becomes easier to make conversions, which means more revenue for the business.

Brand awareness

Social medial platforms offer your business an opportunity to be seen and heard. This is so because platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube already have a huge audience that is ready to consume anything posted on their network. For a business looking to build brand awareness, social media is a good place to start.

Brand endorsement

There is no better way to get your business or brand name endorsed than by the customers themselves. While corporate branding works quite fine, it may appear cooked or solicited. Your customer and other audience in the network could actually legitimize your business by sharing your posts or even reposting or commenting on them.

The other way social media endorses and legitimizes a brand is by showing the audience that the business is active. This is because social medial pages-unlike business website pages that remain static for quite some time-are frequently updated. This gives the audience an impression of freshness, relevance and consistency.

All the above factors show that social media benefits for a business are immense. The bottom line of all these benefits is increased sales for the business, which is what every business owner or marketer wants. Long story short, every business, including yours needs to embrace social media.

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