SEM versus SEO: 4 points of comparisons we should know

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017


The terms SEM and SEO are often considered to be the same. But that is by the novice. People who do serious internet marketing cannot afford to confuse between these two terms. SEM is the abbreviated form for Search engine marketing and the acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Consider the following comparisons to understand them better:

  1. Both SEM and SEO are forms of Internetmarketing. They improve the visibility of websites in the SERPs or the results page in a search engine like Google, Bing. With an effective SEO and SEM, your website can reach the higher ranks for a relevant search query. This is important because the competition is between thousands of websites floating all over the web and viewers tend to restrict themselves to the first few search results since they are technically supposed to be the most relevant to his query.
  2. In SEM your website will be in the first order of search because you are posting advertiSEMent with the search engine. These are paid ventures. Hence sure shot way to be on the top and visible. SEO on the other hand are a collection of methods by which the search engine adopts to choose and rank websites in order of ‘relevance’ for any particular search query.
  • In SEM the competition is less; being an advertiSEMent it is targeted. The chance of having a new customer depends on how well you present yourself in your website, the quality of your product, efficiency of your customer care management and other business strategies. But websites which practice SEO only basically try to follow the methods to be placed in a visible position in a search query to generate web traffic and an eventual business. In this case, their web pages have to follow guidelines like the perfect keywords, link building, effective and impressive content and many more so that they are rewarded and chosen by the search engine. Thus the competition is primarily in the fields of being selected among thousands of websites; if the higher ranks chance of being visited is more and then comes the part of impressing the customer with the product, web design and other business strategies. In case of SEM, you buy visibility in the search engine with money while in SEO you buy visibility by improving and editing your website according to the specified guidelines. They associate the word ‘free traffic’ with SEO and ‘paid traffic’ with SEM.
  1. If you are practicing SEO then you should be using SEO tools like keyword research tools, brand building tools, SEO analytics and tracking tool, backlink analysis tool and many more. It is a tedious but interesting job. It is to be noted that with an effective SEO, every website has the potential to buy free traffic. The main theme is not to block the search engine bots from finding your page. In SEO based marketing both the search engine bots and the visitor need to be impressed. SEM involves Pay-per-click or PPC and direct advertiSEM But it is high maintenance job too that includes bidding, preparing creative presentations and many more to impress the visitor.

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