SEM revisited: 6 points you should know

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

search engine marketing

SEM is the abbreviated form for Search Engine Marketing. There must be only a handful of website owners among the millions who has not heard the term SEM. It is directly related to digital marketing and promotion of websites and contents. There are hundreds of articles in the web that provide descriptions and definitions of Search Engine Marketing. In this brief discussion, few salient features of SEM have been outlined for the user’s purpose. Following are five essential points about SEM:

  1. The main target of practicing SEM is to make your website visible and on the top ranks of the results page or SERPs of a relevant search query.
  2. There are two broad ways of doing SEM:
  3. By paying the search engine and posting advertiSEMents with them. This is called Paid SEM.
  4. By adopting certain rules and guidelines so that the search engine searches you automatically and places you in the higher rank of the SERP. This is called organic SEM. This is also called SEO or Search Engine optimization. In fact, it is to be noted that by SEM many people understand paid SEM.
  • In case of paid SEM, the competition is among advertisers who post on the same search engine. In case of organic SEM the competition is among thousands of web pages with different degrees of relevance to the actual search.
  1. Organic SEM does not cost money. It costs time and hard work. There are more than 200 parameters by which a search engines tags a page to be ‘relevant’ for a particular search. It is thus tedious to know all and follow them. But organic SEM or SEO buys website a lot of credibility. Occupying those upper niches in a SERP belonging to an unpaid search engine like Google is itself a measure of reputation, recommendation and credibility. In case of paid SEM, the competition to be visible in the SERP is lesser than that of organic SEM. Usage of correct keywords in the content often acquires a good response from the search engine. However, it needs to be noted that PPC requires high maintenance. Mere posting and upload of the ad is not enough.
  2. Business houses usually go for paid SEM while bloggers prefer organic SEM.
  3. It is to be noted that both these versions of digital marketing is required by a website at different points of the website’s life. The website owner needs to evaluate the situation first and understand what he needs. Following are some examples of situations where you can choose between this two types of marketing techniques:
  4. If you need to be immediately visible then you should try some PPC marketing.
  5. AdvertiSEMent placement in social websites is important if you need to create more backlinks and an eventual SEO efficient website. In this case, both paid and unpaid SEM is required. In fact, this is an example of an ideal case where you can achieve a good level of digital marketing.

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