Remarketing: one of the best internet marketing strategies of today

Friday, March 17th, 2017

internet marketing

Internet is one infinite marketplace. This hub is global and has no boundaries if you choose to. Naturally the online competition every business face is extreme especially if he sells a common product. Not only dealers and entrepreneur but bloggers also face stiff competition. In fact, the competition starts right from the phase of being searchable and visible at least on the first page of the SERP. SEM, SEO, PPC are various tactics to increase the page rank in Google and be on the first few links on a contextual SERP. Remarketing is another strategy which comes into the next step of internet marketing after your website has already acquired some web traffic and being visited. Remarketing simply put, is to entice your customer to visit your page again. The following needs to be considered what Remarketing is and how it works:

  1. Remarketing is a very smart move among the various internet marketing It is attempt to convert a specific client into a customer. It is another form of search engine advertising. It is often called Ad Retargeting.
  2. In this case, you target audience who had already visited your website by placing relevant advertisements in front of them as they browse the internet. Mobile applications for your website are also included in this campaign.
  • It is like a little reminder of your presence.
  1. The ads may have some incentives. It can be only text ad or an ad with images or videos or rich media. You can also create banner ads.
  2. Now the question is how they identify the visitor and spread the message? For the novice, the working procedure can be simply explained as:
  3. You select some specific criteria for a visitor to qualify for your remarketing campaign
  4. If the visitor qualifies, a cookie is placed in their websites.
  5. The ad servers identify the cookie and displays appropriate ad without being called by the visitor.
  6. If you are working with Google, you need to use the remarketing section of Google Ad words.
  7. Then you need to add tags, popularly called Google Remarketing code. This part is basically the method by which you allow Google to select customers for remarketing purpose. You can make several groups of visitors according to their activity on your website and other parameters.
  8. Google displays your ad across various partner websites in the Google Display Network.
  9. Sometimes people new on the internet marketing block choose remarketing in the individual level to target each and every visitor to their web page. It is to be noted that this will increase your ad budget substantially. If you are using Google AdWords for remarketing purpose then try to create Remarketing scripts along with various other useful features like frequency capping and contextual targeting. This will make your ad more relevant to the visitors. This is an effective CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization strategy in the world of internet marketing.

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