Reasons Why Quality Traffic Matters & How To Get It

Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

quality traffic

What is the worst thing that can happen to your business website? You have put your heart soul into building a beautiful website for your business and are now waiting for the magic to happen. But there is no traffic, no one seems to be interested in your baby, your website. Even worse than no traffic is traffic which has no quality or in other words one, which does not increase your sales.

It is human nature is always want more and the same principle applies when it comes to website traffic. But make sure to not fall into this delusion because more traffic is not always better for your website.

Is All Traffic Good Traffic? Not all traffic is equal when it comes to your website. Importance of traffic volume has been drummed for years but exactly what does that mean?  If you are getting a lot of traffic, it means that your marketing strategy is effective and you are efficient when it comes to SEO optimization.

Does that mean it is all good? No, because you can drive traffic to your website through numerous sources like blog, podcast, SEO, social media, PPC etc but is this traffic fulfilling the basic needs of your website? What qualifies as high quality traffic is any traffic that is converting into your customers.  It has the following attributes:

  • Interested in your content
  • Are already looking for your product
  • Conversion is more likely

Targeted marketing is what produces quality traffic, one that allows you to target a specific segment that is your potential customer rather than bringing wayward traffic.

Why Quality Traffic Matters? Some of the reasons for making efforts to improve the quality of traffic are as follows:

  • Better ROI: Lower bounce rates (people who visit your site and leave immediately)
  • More visits resulting in conversions
  • Users are more engaged on various channels and for longer
  • Increasing sales from online sources

How to Get Better Traffic: As you have probably guessed by now, improving the quality of traffic is not as easy as just increasing the traffic of your website. The quality of traffic can be improved by doing the following things:

  1. Research the Numbers: Start by spending time on studying and analyzing the analytics. Understand what are the things that are keeping the visitor on the website and how to improve them. Make a list of some indicators and metrics like click through rates, conversions rates and bounce rates to measure.
  2. Improve Quality of Content: Use both long and short-tailed keywords for your content. If you want to target a specific location/population, modify the keywords according the demographics and what interest the particular group.
  3. Use Diverse Content: Different things work for different business. Make sure your content is diverse to appeal to more people and experiment with different things like blogs, videos, webcasts etc to find out what works the best with the type of audience you wish to target.


Improving quality of traffic is a daunting task however, the rewards for doing so can be tremendous and it is an exercise worth undertaking.

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