Pinterest Tips – How to Succeed in Selling a Brand

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

pinterest tips

There are dozens of social platforms that people can find on the internet to date. Yet, all these social platforms seem to come with features that are not the same as one another. Pinterest, for an instance, is not the same as Twitter and Facebook. Yet, this does not mean that it is a social platform which people can take for granted. As a matter of fact, people can sell a brand quite easily on Pinterest. Only, they should first know what they are supposed to do.


Mention the Price Tags

The thing about Pinterest is that it is filled with people who are more than ready to spend their money on the products they are interested in. This is one of the site’s biggest differences when compared to Twitter, Facebook and the likes. And, because Pinterest users are mostly ready to spend their money, a seller should not forget to include a price tag in the products being sold.


Newsletter Subscribers Should Receive Pins

Newsletters have often proven to be quite an effective marketing effort. On Pinterest, a seller can also offer its potent customers subscription to its newsletters. Along with the newsletters, a seller may also want to consider including some of his best pins on Pinterest. If there happens to be any Pinterest enthusiasts among the subscribers to the seller’s newsletters, the Pinterest pins may encourage these enthusiasts to join the seller’s Pinterest party.


Promote Existence on Pinterest

One of the biggest issues with Pinterest, it seems, is that no members are quite likely to come across a seller’s profile page. No matter how famous a seller may actually be in real life, he will still need to promote his Pinterest existence on its own if he really wants other Pinterest members to know that he exists.


Track Competitors’ Progress

To find potent customers on Pinterest, a seller should really consider monitoring new pins that originate from the competitors. The thing is, the pin items sourced from the competitors may well signal the seller’s target market, too. This is why such an application as Pinalerts are used quite widely by businesses.


Gain Traffic Using Blog Boards

In a manner of speaking, a blog board is where members of Pinterest will be able to take a look at all the blogs posted by a particular business or company. For any followers of the said business or company, they will receive automatic notification for new blogs pinned by the company onto the homepage of the followers.


Look for Famous Group Boards

In order to sell a brand effectively on Pinterest, a company needs to acquire re-pins, which are like re-tweet on Twitter. In addition to re-pins, a company also needs to have visitors and followers. To do that, a company will have to first find popular group boards. To do that, a company may want to consider using such an application as the PinGroupie. This kind of applications is necessary because this particular social platform does not have any built-in searching feature.

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