Is Digital Marketing The Real Future in Business?

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Digital Marketing Future

The marketplace has fast evolved, and so is the way business is done. That is particularly so when it comes to marketing. Companies are quickly shifting their marketing campaigns from analog platforms to the digital playground. With the migration happening so rapidly, one is left to wonder; is digital marketing the real future in business?

What digital marketing is and what it is fast gaining popularity.

Digital marketing is the use of binary oriented platforms that support the internet to drum up awareness of goods, services, brands and businesses. These platforms are then accessed using computers, phones, tablets and other such smart gadgets. Digital marketing is available on some platforms including websites, social media networks, emails, blogs, internet banners, short message servicing and even multimedia messaging.

Analog platforms, on the other hand, engage the use of newspapers, books, radio and television for marketing. There various advantages of digital marketing that make it the real future for businesses to get to know and sustain favorable brand awareness and reputation.


Far reaching implication

Digital marketing campaigns have a more far-reaching impact than any other marketing strategy. Studies show that more than 60% of the literate world population owns a gadget that can give them access to digital data. These include mobile phones, computers, and tablets.

Digital content has the potential of being shared widely by consumers; this is made possible by interactive capabilities that are offered in the digital context. With this potential, business owners can bring consumer contribution to the scene by creating engaging content that is share worthy.


Lower costs of marketing

Digital marketing is a very cost-effective way of getting your brand out there. Most platforms, which enable digital marketing possible come free of charge. The cost involved in platforms that need to be paid for is smaller as compared to analog or even outdoor advertising. A good example is social media and email marketing. The cost involved is quite insignificant when using social media. Emails, on the other hand, are free.

Ease of result tracking

One of the most important factors of digital marketing is the ability for marketers and business owners to track and monitor results for their campaign strategies. Tracking and monitoring results in-turn enables stakeholders to take the best course of action including withdrawal of ineffective strategy.


It is undeniable that digital marketing platforms are fast replacing analog forums. Information consumption has shifted to digital platforms. In the UK alone, 83% of the adult population went online during the first quarter of the year; this makes up for over 42 million individuals. With these kinds of statistics, any business adopting the digital element in its marketing campaign strategy stands to benefit more conversions and a high return on investment.


With the digital age here to stay, the paradigm changes from ‘is digital marketing the real future in business?’ to ‘does my business have the competitive edge offered by digital marketing platforms?’ any business that fails to adopt digital marketing will sooner or later lose relevance in the marketplace.

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