How to Get Thousands of Real Fans on Facebook

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Thousands of Real Fans

There is no questioning that Facebook has become the norm when it comes to social marketing these days. It seems that some people just can’t live without this particular social networking site today. Well, while the average people use Facebook to share about their personal life and interests, businesses can benefit from this social networking site in a different way. Businesses can use the social platform in question to get connected with their potent customers and offer their products and services more efficiently. They can reach a wider market and increase their revenues. But first, businesses will have to obtain as many Facebook fans as possible.


Now, getting fans on Facebook can be both easy and terribly difficult. If you are going for fake fans that you can purchase with your hard earned cash, well, that is the easy way. However, in time, people will eventually find out that your fans are fake and they may lose interest in following you any longer. The second, or the more difficult, way is to try to obtain real Facebook fans. If you do not know the tricks to do this, it can be overwhelmingly hard to do. However, if you know the tricks, it is not going to be that hard at all.


So, speaking of obtaining real Facebook fans, here are some things you can do:

  1. Connect your website to Facebook

First and foremost, you will have to get your website connected to your Facebook profile. Of course, if you do not already have a Facebook account, you will have to sign up for one. To connect your website to Facebook, you can place a widget on the homepage of your website that will allow people to like the Facebook page of your business.

  1. Invite your friends to like your page

In case you are not quite aware just yet, with Facebook, it is possible to invite the friends you have on your Facebook friend list to like your Facebook page. This feature is quite an effective one. Most of the time, the tendency is that your friends will like your page because they know that it belongs to you, someone they have known as a friend for quite a while, maybe even for years.

  1. Promote on multiple platforms

When you invite people to like your Facebook page, that is a huge step towards promoting your page and making it larger and more popular. However, you can’t really count on using Facebook alone. You also need to maximize your business exposure by promoting your business on other platforms as well. For examples, you can use blog posts, newsletters and whatever social channels you can think of.

  1. Post contents that people can share

Now, this is the most important yet the most challenging task to perform. To develop your business identity, you need to post contents of great value to your audiences. The more valuable your posts are, the higher the chances are of people sharing it to other people. This will help promote your business to an even larger network of people on Facebook.

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