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Saturday, October 21st, 2023

how to drive traffic to my website for free

In the past, it was difficult to find free traffic sources. You had to be a marketing guru or have lots of money to spend on advertising. But now, with the emergence of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, anyone can use these free tools for their own benefit. With just a little time and effort, you can easily generate tons of traffic for your website each month without spending anything!

In this article, I’ll show you how 7 different methods are used by marketers all over the world – from getting reviews on Amazon products to being featured in Yahoo News Feeds – so you can get started today!


  1. What is a blog and what are its benefits
  2. How to start a blog
  3. How to write great content for your blog
  4. Ways to promote your blog
  5. Tips for maintaining a successful blog
  6. How to use Facebook pages for marketing
  7. How to get featured in Yahoo News Feeds
  8. Conclusion



What is a blog and what are its benefits?

A blog, short for web log, is an online text journal that lets you post articles or stories on the internet. The basic idea behind blogging is sharing information because when people read your posts they can give their opinion by leaving comments. These interactions between yourself and others create discussions which give you more ideas for your future posts. Additionally, if you have lots of traffic visiting your page, it will help drive sales of whatever product/service you offer – especially if you are selling products or services that relate to your blog! The more readers visit your site, the more ad revenue you will make as a blogger.



How to start a blog

Starting a blog is easy, but it does take some time and effort before you see the results of your efforts. There are several steps that need to be taken before you can begin generating traffic, such as: – choose a domain name  – choose a hosting company  – create content for your website Now that those steps have been explained, let’s look at them in detail! Choosing a Domain Name First of all, every website has its own unique web address or URL (example: that you will need to set up your blog. When choosing a domain name, it’s best to keep it short and simple so people can remember it easily – preferably no more than 5 words long. Choosing a Hosting Company Once you have chosen your domain name, the next step is choosing a hosting company for your blog. There are several options out there but I recommend using Bluehost because they offer the most complete blogging package at an affordable price! With their free mobile app that works on any device, WordPress guides that walk you through setting up your website step by step, and automatic daily backups of all files on their server…you really can’t go wrong!



How to write great content for your blog

Now let’s focus on actually creating the content for your blog. The best way to start is by choosing a profession or hobby you like and writing about it. You can even create whole series around one topic as readers will come back again and again as long as they enjoy reading what you write. But no matter what you post, make sure it’s helpful to people! When blogging, there are two types of posts: – informative posts that share knowledge  – entertaining posts that keep them entertained for hours For example, if you run a hair salon and decide to start a blog…try publishing an article about great hairstyles every week and give readers tips on how to maintain healthy hair! Or if you want people to visit your travel blog…give them information on places to visit and how to book cheap flights.



Ways to promote your blog

Now in this section, I’ll show my strategies of how to drive traffic to my website for free. First of all, social media is a great way to get more readers on your blog! Instead of publishing one post on Facebook or Twitter – try uploading several different posts throughout the day for maximum exposure. Next, you should leverage word-of-mouth advertising by asking family and friends to visit your blog and share its link with their social media contacts. You can also try submitting your site to free traffic sites or find a method to get more exposure from social bookmarking websites. Here are 7 different places you should try:

  1. Google Search
  2. RSS Readers
  3. Facebook Pages
  4. Reddit
  5. Twittersphere
  6. Bing Search
  7. Yahoo Search



Tips for maintaining a successful blog

  1. Post regularly: One of the most important things you should do as a blogger is post content people want to read. You can start your blog, but if you never write any new posts…no one will ever return to visit again! Blogging every day or even several times a week will help build an audience that trusts your opinions and follows your blog.
  2. Find your target audience: Once you’ve got a few regular readers to your site, find out who they are by asking them questions in the comments section or via social media. You can also run polls on your own website to help you decide what topics to write about next!
  3. Curate content: There’s a reason why the best blogs are written by people who write about what they know! Find other related websites and publish posts or articles from them on your own site. This is a great way to find quality content that will keep readers coming back.
  4. Add value: It doesn’t matter if you charge for subscriptions or not…the internet has changed the way companies do business! People will only return to a blog or website if it provides them with value they can’t find elsewhere.
  5. Use negative keywords: If you want people to read your article but you don’t want it appearing in a search result, add a negative keyword. For example, if I wrote an article about how to get more free traffic with Twitter hashtags but didn’t want it appearing in Google search results for “Twitter,” I would add -twitter somewhere in the title of the post.
  6. Promote your blog: Once you begin publishing content on a regular basis, you’ll need to let people know about it. You can either promote the new content on social media or submit your new posts to relevant traffic sites like CanIRank and Moz.
  7. Write killer titles: People won’t want to read your post if they don’t get excited about the title! Try using a compelling title that includes a number or some other interesting fact – this will draw people in and make them want to read your post even more!



How to use Facebook pages for marketing

  1. Create a page for your blog or website on Facebook
  2. Invite people to like your page by asking them in person, sending an email, posting on social media – whatever you prefer!
  3. Promote your Facebook page on other social media sites
  4. Post new content on your Facebook page several times a day
  5. You can also post links to other pages on Facebook that are related to your blog or website
  6. Make sure you have a unique username for your page so it doesn’t get confused with any other similar pages
  7. Reach out to people who like your page and ask them if they want updates about your blog or website via Facebook messenger
  8. Check to see how many people are viewing your page by using Facebook analytics – you can also use it to learn more about your visitors and what they like best!
  9. Create polls on your site that ask visitors for suggestions on topics they want you to write about next! You can also ask visitors who they want to see you interview and then do it!
  10. Encourage readers to leave comments on your posts so other readers can learn more about what they think!
  11. Finally, consider selling advertisements for your page if you’ve built up a large enough following using the strategies above!



How to get featured in Yahoo News Feeds

  1. Create a new post with an attractive headline
  2. Visit Yahoo News and search for related keywords
  3. Click on “Videos” or “Photos” to find keyword suggestions specific to those types of posts
  4. Include your targeted keyword in the title of your post when you publish it on your blog
  5. Check back periodically to see who is sharing your posts!
  6. You can also find readers with similar interests by using the “More From These Folks” section of Yahoo News
  7. Reach out to influencers in your niche and share your content with them on Twitter or LinkedIn! They may just retweet or share your post with their followers!
  8. Finally, you can also try using a free tool like Mention to see who is talking about related keywords and reach out to them directly!




So there you have it – seven essential tools for finding lots of free traffic. By using these tips, you should be able to increase the number of visitors to your blog or website and drive more sales! What strategies are you going to use first? Let us know in the comments below!

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