How Can Twitter Help Increase Sales Volume?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

twitter increase sales

At a glance, Twitter may seem like nothing but a simple social networking site, very simple in fact. On Twitter, a member can post nothing more than 160 characters and to be honest, this is a really short text. However, as it turns out, as long as a person knows how to make good use of even such a short sentence, he can actually harness a lot of benefits from it. Believe it or not, Twitter has helped a decent number of merchants out there increase their sales volume and quite rapidly, too. So, how is it that Twitter can help merchants achieve such an achievement? Well, here are a few things that a merchant is supposed to know.


Never Exaggerate on Promoting Stuffs

Yes, it is true that promotion is key while trying to sell something. However, in their attempt of closing sales, merchants should never be too exaggerative. Instead, merchants should try to see the social platform Twitter from non-merchant’s point of views. On Twitter, people are more interested in making friends rather than purchasing stuffs. So, there are times when even a merchant should take a break in promoting his products on Twitter.


What Are Their Tweets About?

Merchants should really pay attention to what their tweets are mostly about. If their tweets are too much about promoting products, it is only a matter of time before every single follower he has starts to abandon them. With that being said, it is crucial that a merchant tweets about something else as well. His tweets can be on anything, just not the products he is trying to sell. Nevertheless, when a follower, or anybody else on that matter, starts mentioning his products, then the merchant can respond to the follower with the information expected. In fact, in this case, a merchant can tweet positive reviews and testimonials of the products he sells.


Offer Free Stuffs

Freebies have often proven to be a very useful help. They work much better than hard selling does. Of course, a merchant is not obliged to provide his products completely free of charge. Instead, he can offer a part of the products without charging for any costs. For an example, if a merchant is trying to sell a piece of sophisticated computer software, he can always offer a trial version with limited features for free. Then, he can provide full features of the products when the customers have purchased the products from him officially. One thing to keep in mind here is to let the customers know where and how they can make their purchase on the complete products.


Provide Discounts

Discounts often prove to be a great way to please customers worldwide. Therefore, a merchant should really consider offering discount coupons, especially to his loyal customers, every now and then. It is even better if the merchant can append some custom coupon codes onto his point-of-sales system. This will help the merchant find out exactly just how many customers he gets from his Twitter.

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