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Friday, August 21st, 2015

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The thing about owning a website is that it can earn a huge amount of revenue. However, building a website is not as easy as flipping your palm, let alone promoting the website built. Without promotion, a website is least likely to receive any traffic or visitors. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways with which a website owner can increase the number of visitors to his site. Using Facebook is a good idea here. But then again, there are a number of things that a website owner should do on Facebook to increase his website traffic.


Keep the Stories Short

Even though there are literally millions of people connected in this number one social networking site, none of them is quite likely to be inclined to read long stories. This is even truer when those Facebook members out there do not actually know you, in other words, they are not your friend. Besides, who has the time to read long Facebook essays? You yourself even skip longs posts as well, don’t you? This is why it is always a better idea to post short than long updates on Facebook.


Make Sure the Posts Are Relevant

Posts without any relevancies to the product being promoted, in this case a website, will be considered as spams mostly. Besides relevant, a website owner should also make sure that the posts he has on Facebook sound not only interesting but also quirky. A website owner should never refrain from trying a number of different approaches in posting his posts on Facebook.


Post Images

Images can always say things that words sometimes can’t. This is why it is always important to include images in every post on Facebook. On this social networking site in particular, image often receives a much higher engagement volume when compared to simple text updates.


Target Posts Geographically

Unlike other social networking sites in existence out there, Facebook comes with a geo-targeting feature. This feature is of great use, to be honest. By geo-targeting his posts on Facebook, a website owner is bound to garner a lot more traction which will eventually translate into more visitors to his website.


Maintain a 2-Way Conversation

On Facebook, it is of utmost importance that a website owner never ever lets a conversation become a passive or a 1-way one. To trigger a 2-way conversation, a website owner can start asking for comments from their Facebook fans. But then, as the fans give out their comments, at all costs, the website owner asking for the comments should always respond to those comments. Otherwise, the fans may feel as if they are not really being appreciated for their time and efforts. Yes, leaving a comment takes time and efforts, too, you know! Besides, by responding to comments from the fans, a website owner will most likely have quite a close relationship with his fans. This makes the website owner seem personal and friendly and not all about promoting his business, in this case his website.

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