Graphic Design Tips – How to Look Like a Professional Graphic Designer

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

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Design can be very important in life. This is especially true when people are talking about designing a website. Unfortunately, however, not everyone is gifted with an amazing set of design skills. Yet again, this does not necessarily mean that these people can’t improve their design skills. With the following tips, even the beginners in the field of design may end up looking just like a professional designer.


Mix and Match Contrasting Fonts

When it comes to a good design, it is always a good idea to put into combination fonts that have a high contrast. This, in turn, often results in those fonts balancing one another while at the same time creating a unique feature found nowhere else in a design.


Make Sure the Colors Match One Another

With matching colors, harmony is created. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use matching foreground and background colors.


Make Use of Grids

Although they may look rather ugly to some, grids are actually very important in terms of design. Without grids, a designer may find it almost impossible to edit and lay out images in a professional way. On the other hand, when grids are available, it is easy to come up with a world class design even without making use of any design templates whatsoever.


Feature Transparent Icons

Using transparency can increase the value of a design. Without transparency, a design may look dull. Yet, with transparency, a designer can easily point out the parts he wants to stress in his design.


Use Icons and Shapes for Illustrational Purposes

Icons and shapes may seem unimportant at first. However, they have surprised plenty of people out there in terms of what they can achieve with icons and shapes. Icons and shapes can be used to create as simple an element as a uniquely looking text holder to a more sophisticated element, such as infographics. In addition to that, icons and shapes are also great to create informative posts on social media and even to amaze an employer during a business meeting or presentation.


Experiment with Saturation

It is important to make sure that an image is at its best condition. To do that, a designer may want to try experimenting with the image saturation, either by increasing or decreasing the value. Saturation, by the way, refers to the color intensity that belongs to an image.


Maximize Copy Space by Cropping Images

For those who do not know, copy space includes all those empty areas contained within an image. If a designer is looking for a good background image to use, for an example, he may choose one that has an ample copy space. Enlarging an image is also a great idea if the designer desires to get more white spaces in his design.


Enhance Branding with Consistent Elements

Consistency is one of the most vital elements while designing a design. A consistent design is easier to recognize and thus enhances a brand. It is like a form of communication between the brand and the world.

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