7 Ways to Get Free Website Traffic

Sunday, November 21st, 2021

7 Ways to Get Free Website Traffic

If you’re struggling with how to get free website traffic, don’t worry. There are several free ways that companies and websites often use to generate free web visitors in order to grow their brand or business. Here are some of the top strategies for getting free website traffic:

Free Website Traffic Method #01 – Social Media Marketing

The first method I want to talk about is social media marketing. This has become very popular because it’s so easy these days, especially since Facebook allows anyone to create an ad that they then promote on their own profiles or pages (which tend to have thousands if not millions of people following them). You don’t even need to have a page or profile yourself, which is why this method works so well for beginners.

Free Website Traffic Method #02 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The second free website traffic strategy I want to talk about is SEO optimization. This has been the most popular free web traffic method by far and will continue to be one of the best free ways because it’s completely organic; you can get free search engine results without having to pay for them like with paid advertising methods such as Google Adwords. The only downside here however is that ranking highly in search engines takes time and effort, but if done right then the benefits are huge! Try checking out our FREE REPORT on how we ranked a free website for multiple highly competitive keywords in just a few weeks.

Free Website Traffic Method #03 – Social Bookmarking Sites

The third free web traffic strategy I want to talk about is social bookmarking and you’ll see that there are many ways to use it as well. You can either submit your own content through the submission process, or if you have an account on sites such as Reddit then sometimes people will post your articles without even knowing it (which means free targeted traffic). In order to make this method work though, you need high quality posts because otherwise nobody will bother looking at them! It also helps if they get upvoted into higher positions within their category which can help gain exposure too. Don’t worry if you don’t have any free time though, because later on I will be describing a free tool that can do all of this for you.

Free Website Traffic Method #04 – Link Exchanges & Building Your Network

The fourth free web traffic strategy is to start link exchanges with other relevant websites or blogs in your industry. This basically means exchanging links with them which helps each website’s overall rankings by association (which increases the likelihood they’ll appear higher up when people search for keywords related to both sites). You can either contact these site owners directly via email or through their “contact us” page.

Free Website Traffic Method #05 – Article Marketing & Submission Sites

The fifth free web traffic strategy is article marketing and submission sites where you can post articles relevant to your website or blog, then submit them for free on a large number of these types of websites which helps expose your content to many new readers. This method takes time because it’s not instant like the previous methods but if done correctly will help drive targeted free traffic over a long period of time.

Free Website Traffic Method #06 – Social Bookmarking & Network

The next free website traffic strategy is to start building your social network and following on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. If you don’t already have an account then try setting one up here:

Once this has been done it will help expose your site or blog content even more because when people share posts from their own profiles/pages they tend to get a lot of exposure too! This can be used in conjunction with the previous free web traffic strategies mentioned above (such as article marketing) for maximum exposure.

Free Website Traffic Method #06 – Traffic Exchanges

You can submit your websites to traffic exchanges like ours! By doing so, you can get thousands of users viewing your website instantly! All you’ll need to do is surf on our traffic exchange to earn points and use those points to receive visits back to your own websites.

Free Web Traffic Strategy #07 – Guest Posting

The final free website traffic method I want talk about is guest posting where you submit content written by yourself to other large blogs/websites that have high domain authority who are likely to share it with their audience. If they do then this expose your site more and also helps build their own site’s reputation because they’re gaining free quality content from an outside source.


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