5 Ways to Sell Products on Facebook

Monday, July 13th, 2015

5 ways facebook

Among all the social networks available on the internet, Facebook happens to be the one that has the most members. With that being said, there is no questioning that it is an ideal platform to sell stuffs. However, in order to succeed in selling products on Facebook, there are quite a few things that are important to note. Speaking of which, here are five ways people can use to sell their products on this particular social platform.


  1. Post an Organic Content

An organic post on Facebook is very effective to help sell products. To post an organic content, it is best to use an image that has a resolution of 560×292 pixels at least. The image should be engaging and match the rule of 20% text. Make sure that the post will trigger a call-to-action without readers having to go beyond the first ninety characters of the post.


  1. A Conversion Pixel May Be Handy

Of course, to sell products, you need to do some advertising that will lead to offsite conversions. In this case, you will find the Facebook Conversion Tracking feature very handy. In order for it to work, however, you will have to create what is known as a Conversion Pixel. You will know that your conversion is complete when the pixel shows up on the Success page that you have on your website.


  1. Promote Posts

The next thing you will have to do in order to successfully sell your products on Facebook is to promote your posts to your Facebook fans. To do that, you can start by creating a new campaign. Make sure that your campaign has a solid structure for its name. It is best to create an ad by means of a Facebook page post. Ideally, you need to choose all possible placements for your ad. These placements include the sidebar, mobile news feed and also the desktop news feed. If you have set up Conversion Pixel as mentioned earlier, you can also choose to track conversions for the ad on your website.


  1. Get Some Unpublished Post Variations Ready

It is not a wise thing ever to count on just one single piece of advertisement in trying to sell your products. This is the very reason you need variations of your post. Yet, when it comes to the variations, you need to make sure that they do not show up organically on your page, cluttering it messily with tons of similar posts. Therefore, you had better make Unpublished Posts which you will use as advertisements. These Unpublished Posts of yours can be set to show up just like an organic post within the news feed section of your Facebook page.


  1. Choose Your Target Mailing List

If you happen to come across very relevant fans, chances are, they will end up buying what you are selling. However, it is also important to pay attention to another group of people, especially if they have subscribed to your mailing list.

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