5 Ways to Obtain Traffic from Facebook

Monday, June 29th, 2015

5 facebook traffic

It is out of the question that Facebook is the most favorite social networking site today. Well, it is not the only social network site available out there, but it actually has the highest number of members compared to other similar sites. Taking that into account, it is definitely going to be very beneficial if you can get traffic to your site from Facebook. Thankfully, that is just what you are going to find out here. Below are five ways you can try to increase your website traffic by using the social networking site in question.


  1. Make an Interesting Profile

If you think that your profile may not have too much of an influence, well, you will have to think again. To be honestly speaking, it is your profile that will determine how likely people are to visit your Facebook page again. Therefore, you should make sure to provide a comprehensive piece of information about your background and make it public. Otherwise, there is no point in making your profile interesting since people won’t be able to access it anyway. If your profile is interesting, people may become interested in following your Facebook page and hence become your supporters.


  1. Inform People about Your Site on Your Facebook Timeline and Gallery

One of the best things about Facebook compared to similar sites out there is that it allows its members to write a lot of things about themselves and even about their endeavors as well. Better yet, besides writing, members can even post as many pictures as they wish. Therefore, why not use this opportunity to promote your website? Yet, for an even better result, it is recommended that you post videos about your website as well. After all, people are more attracted to images and videos rather than text alone.


  1. It’s Network Building Time!

Of course, without a network, all your efforts will be nothing but a waste. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you build up your network on Facebook. You can do this by inviting your partners, acquaintances, friends and relatives and request that they become your supporters on the world’s most famous social network. In addition to doing that, you should also consider looking for other Facebook members that have a similar interest to yours. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind never to be pushy or trapped in spamming others. This will really discomfort your potent future supporters.


  1. Make Sure to Post Frequent Updates

So, your Facebook profile is already interesting and you have now had quite a large number of supporters. But then again, what is the use of them all if you don’t post updates frequently to your Facebook profile? Without doing so, your traffic on your Facebook page will drop and as a consequence of it, so will the traffic to your website that you get from Facebook. You don’t have to post updates daily in this case. As long as you can make sure to post updates at a periodic manner, you are good to go.


  1. Be an Active Member

One last thing that you need to do to successfully drive traffic from Facebook to your website is to become active. Becoming an active member on Facebook means visiting your supporters’ profiles often, taking part in the groups created by your supporters, paying a visit to their sites and stuffs like that. Sure, doing all this takes time but then again, it is worth the traffic to your website, after all. In fact, you should consider doing things like this on Facebook as a full-time occupation of sorts.

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