5 Methods to Popularize Your Blog with Facebook Traffic

Monday, April 27th, 2015

5 blog facebook traffic

Having a blog may be beneficial, but this will only be true if the blog receives a large amount of traffic. Speaking of which, blog owners out there may want to consider using Facebook to increase the traffic to their blog. How do they do that? Here are five methods blog owners can use to make Facebook beneficial for them in terms of traffic to their blog.


  1. Upload Posts with Big Images

According to statistics, the posts on Facebook that are accompanied by images tend to get 120% more engagement when compared to those posts that do not have images on them. However, it is of utmost importance that the images have a big size to make them prominent. This way, bloggers will have better chances of receiving comments, shares and also likes on their Facebook page. This, in turn, may well increase the click-through ratio of their blog. Of course, besides the images, it is also important to include some texts that contain links to their blog. For the record, it is preferable to use shortened URLs, such as bit.ly type of URLs.


  1. Post Only Short Updates

On Facebook, it is often the case that short and witty posts generate the most traffic and, ultimately, click-through rates. This is why it is better to post only short texts. One rule of thumb here is to post no longer than one sentence, with only 140 characters. After all, short texts will also be easier to look at for those accessing Facebook from their mobile device. Bloggers should place long texts only on their blog.


  1. Ask Questions

The thing about questions is that they usually trigger at least a few responses. Keeping that in mind, bloggers may consider using questions in order to produce some click-through actions. However, the questions will have to be witty and intriguing while, as mentioned earlier, remaining short. Of course, the questions will have to relate back to the blog being promoted.


  1. Take a Quote from the Blog

If bloggers can give their fans a taste of their blog, this will be very advantageous. To achieve this, bloggers can choose one rather intriguing quote from their blog posts. It is best if the quote chosen is a concise one that can give fans a flavor of the blog being promoted. To make it even better, bloggers can even include a picture of the person from whom the quote comes. Realize it or not, one of the most shared contents on Facebook happens to be quotes.


  1. Exclude Links in Certain Cases

It is mentioned above that full-sized images tend to get more traffic on Facebook. However, bloggers may not use full-sized images all the time. So, when they are not using this kind of images, they may want to omit any links in the texts of their update posts. Instead, bloggers will have a cleaner looking post if they don’t include any links in their texts. Instead, they can make the summary of their promoted blog post and the accompanying image directly clickable. This way, bloggers can lead their fans to their blog without being excessively promotional.

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