3 essential elements for an effective PPC or paid SEM

Monday, February 5th, 2018


Paid SEM is often preferred as a tool for immediate visibility in a search engine. New websites and businesses often invest in PPC or a type of paid SEM. PPC stands for Pay-per-click. It means that you have to pay the search engine who will post your ad in the SERP for every click a visitor makes and enters your website. It might seem simple but there is tough competition in the field of digital marketing which is a global and dynamic marketplace. PPC is basically a campaign. It needs to be effective to pull in web traffic and increase the ROI of your business. The following are three essential strategies that need to be followed for a PPC which brings benefits and improves the ROI:

  1. Keyword relevance: Like unpaid SEM, relevant keywords are the lifeline of an effective SEM or PPC. The search engine like Google sells the highly relevant keywords and allows their usage in the contents to the highest bidders. Needless to say that suggested keywords from mega search engine provider like Google will be the best. Apart from this you need to use tight keyword groups, a variety of keywords and long tail keywords. Your heading and advertisement banner should contain those highly relevant keywords. This will help Google to rank your page in the top spots of its advertisement column. If you sell product that is very common in the market, then you have to be extra careful about these keywords selection and placement. Consult Google Adwords blog for this purpose. HubSpot is another website which you should also consult.
  2. Landing page: The home page or landing page of your website should be cleverly made for the targeted audience. The contents should be relevant and it should be provided with incentives. User entering your landing page should be able to understand your website theme by reading few lines. Web design including typography should encourage reading. It is to be noted that a poorly framed landing page can actually reduce your ROI if you are under a PPC campaign. In this case, you will be paying the search engine for the web traffic but with very few converting into actual customers. This will lead to losses for the business and an eventual failure of the PPC campaign.
  • Quality Score: This is applicable mostly for Google. This company rewards those websites under PPC role that have very good Quality Score index. Content relevance, proper usage of keywords, right placement of keywords, a perfectly designed landing page, a good user experience, a demand for the website are some of the parameters for a good quality score. Google reduces charges on its PPC for those websites which has a good quality score. With smart web analytics software, Google can measure the performance of each and every website under PPC role.

It is to be noted thus that a paid SEM requires high maintenance even after ad has been posted on the SERP.

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