What is ad relevancy?

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Ad relevancy is how relevant your ad is to what the user is searching. Ad relevancy is a very important factor to increase your click-through rate, ad rank, ad position and conversions. When someone searches for “coffee beans” it will do no good to have a tea shop showing up in the results. The chances of you getting a sale will be very low. But what if your tea shop sells coffee beans too? If this is the case, you can make your ad relevant by creating a landing page that only displays a list of coffee beans for sale on your tea shop website. In the end, you want your landing page to be as relevant as possible to the keyword because consumers already know what they want to buy when they are searching for something. You should try not to send users to your homepage either because most likely the keywords you’re targeting are only a small portion of your website. For example, if you’re an auction website like eBay and you link all your ads to your homepage for every keyword the users you are targeting will get irrelevant results. When they search for “car parts”, they might see e-books, watches, t-shirts, laptops and other things on the eBay homepage. Rather than doing this, you’d want to link it to the eBay Motors category or better yet create a landing page that will increase the likeliness for a call-to-action like scheduling a free check-up for your car at a dealership.

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