Why Link Building Is a Must Have for Any Website

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Why Link Building Is a Must Have for Any Website

Link Building is a vital ingredient to any website. There are many benefits of link building, and very few drawbacks. But what is not well known about Link Building is how important it can be to the success of your website. Without it, your chances for success decrease exponentially. In this article we will explore the importance of link building in detail and show you why you should never neglect this crucial part of SEO strategy!

  1. What is link building and why do you need it
  2. Why link building is crucial to your website’s success
  3. How to get links for your site
  4. Link Building Strategies that work the best
  5. The benefits of link building, including higher search rankings, increased traffic, more social shares, lower bounce rates, and better conversion rates
  6. The drawbacks of not investing in link building


What is link building and why do you need it

Link building is the act of building links to your website. These links are all to other websites on the internet, and they will contain a snippet of your original content. This means that each link posted outside of your own website could help generate traffic for you. Link building is vital because without it, your chances of success drastically decrease. You should never neglect this crucial part of SEO strategy! The benefits are substantial, and the drawback is minor.


Why link building is crucial to your website’s success

Getting links for your site helps increase your search rankings, which in turn will bring you more organic traffic. The more organic traffic that comes to your site, the higher chance you have at converting that into revenue or other desired results. But even before search rankings, getting links for your site will increase the number of social shares you get on your content. People are more inclined to share content that already has a high number of shares than one with 0, so this increase is highly beneficial and should not be ignored! Lastly, having enough links coming in will help lower your bounce rate. You want to keep people browsing because that is when they are most likely to convert into something.


How to get links for your site

There are two main methods you can choose from when it comes to link building. The first method is manual, which means that you will contact other sites yourself and ask permission to include your content on theirs. The second is using software like Moz and Majestic, which allow you to run a search for sites that already contain one of your keywords and then follow the link through to see where it goes.


Link Building Strategies that work the best

There are many strategies you can use to get links for your site, including: Guest Posting, Directory Submission, Blog Commenting, Forum Participation, Niche Forums, Article Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Classified Ads Sites and Higher Ed Backlinks. Each strategy has its own benefits and drawbacks on your website’s success.


The benefits of link building include higher search rankings, increased traffic, more social shares on your content, lower bounce rates, and better conversion rates.

One of the main benefits that link building brings is higher search rankings. You need to have a variety of backlinks coming in so that Google knows exactly where your website falls within the vast world of information available online. This will cause them to rank you for specific keywords depending on how many people are searching for your services. When you have more backlinks, you are generally going to be ranked higher because it shows Google that other people already trust your site enough to link to it themselves.

Another benefit is getting increased traffic flow. Your website will begin receiving links from sources that contain high authority in the eyes of search engines like Google and Bing. These are sites that people look to when they want to be convinced of something, like the truth or accuracy of an idea or person’s perspective. When your content starts reaching these highly trafficked websites, you will begin gaining more organic traffic. This is because Google sees this link between your site and theirs as a positive sign that you are worth ranking higher.

Additionally, having more links can boost your social shares on your content. Social media plays an important part of the online presence of every business because it is an easy way for people to share their website with others. If you have articles that are getting a high number of shares, it will only become more popular as time goes on because people will be seeing it even more when they look through their social media sites.

Having a high number of links coming in can help lower your bounce rate. People who are on the internet to find something specific, but do not find it within a few seconds or minutes tend to get frustrated and leave the website altogether. This is called a bounce, and is the opposite of what you want for your site. If people do not find what they were looking for on your website, it could potentially ruin your conversion rate. When you have a high number of links and social shares, you will be encouraging people to stay on your site longer because there is more content that they can explore.

The last benefit of having better link building done is that you will see better conversion rates when the traffic comes in. This means when people come to your site, they are more likely to click on the ads and take the next step in becoming a customer.


The drawbacks of not investing in link building

The drawbacks of not investing in link building include: tarnished brand image, decreased search rankings, diminishing traffic, and a reduced social presence. If you’re experiencing diminishing traffic, you can buy website traffic from one of the top traffic exchanges today. One of the main drawbacks is that if you don’t build links to your site, your brand image will start to look untrustworthy and shady. When people land on your website and see that it has no backlinks or social shares coming in from relevant sources, they are going to feel like there is nothing to explore. Visitors want to know that there is information available for them to dig into when they see a bunch of links coming in with high authority sites like Forbes and CNN.

Another major drawback is that you will most likely be ranked lower on search engines like Google and Bing. What this means is that it will be more difficult for people to find your website when they search a relevant keyword. This can lead to a lower conversion rate because there are fewer people seeing your site, and those who do may not have been going through an organic search result.

The last drawback of having poor link building done on your website is that you will see a drop in your traffic. This is happening because people are not able to find you unless they are redirected from another high authority website, or if they get lucky and land on one of your actual pages that has the right keywords within the URL.



Having good content on your website is great, but it will mean nothing if nobody can find it. If you want to get the most out of your website, you need to invest in link building so that you can start getting high authority links and social shares coming in on a regular basis. This will help build your brand image and increase traffic.

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