What You Need to Know About Creating a LinkedIn Profile

Friday, March 11th, 2016

What to Know Linkedin

There are plenty of people out there who have now been officially registered as the member of LinkedIn, one of the most powerful social networking sites on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, however, there are not few LinkedIn members out there that do not actually know what they are supposed to do with their LinkedIn profile. As a result, their LinkedIn profile has earned them nothing so far. Well, if this sounds just like you, chances are, you are building your LinkedIn profile the wrong way.


When it comes to building your profile on the social networking site in question, there are in fact a number of things that you are going to have to do. These things can be summarized as follow:


  • The ‘All About You’ part does matter

This is one thing that dozens of LinkedIn members seem to forget. Most people simply leave a brief description of themselves in this section. Yet, some other people will just leave it empty. Unfortunately, this is not the recommended thing to do. Instead, if you want to succeed with LinkedIn, you should show off to other members of the site who you really are. Keep in mind, though, that you should let people know who you are in the context of a person instead of just an employee. After all, this is a social network. This also means that you can always write about yourself in a friendly, not necessarily professional, tone.


  • Make a killer headline

People are smart and they likely want to know more about you than just knowing your title alone. This is why you need the killer headline. Even though you can only describe yourself in no more than 120 characters, you can still tell other people what you do best. Remember that you need to stand out from the crowd not only in your workplace but also in the society.


  • Audit your page with SEO

In case you have yet to notice, when people run a search on someone using the internet these days, the results they will most likely get from search engines will mostly come from social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Even company recruiters rely on LinkedIn profiles as well to find a candidate they think best match their company’s requirements. Statistically speaking, LinkedIn receives more than 5.7 billion oriented job searches conducted by professionals within every single year.


  • Have your own URL

A lot of people tend to take their LinkedIn URL for granted. However, by customizing the URL of your LinkedIn profile, you will look more professional as well as tech savvy. In addition to that, it is also much easier to share than the default URL which consists of asterisk and asterisk symbols.


  • Get your page organized strategically

Strategically organizing your page is the next step towards reaching success you’re your LinkedIn profile. You need to think whether you want to put your academic achievements on top or your endorsements and skills instead. You need to ask yourself which one is more relevant to your goal. Thankfully, you can always reorganize your profile page at a later date if you feel like doing so.

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