Web Designing: The Pitfalls to Avoid

Monday, May 2nd, 2022

web design pitfalls

You have a thriving business and to take things to the next level, you spend time, energy and resources to make a website. However, you see no impact of the website either in the form of steady traffic, brand awareness or bump in revenue. Is it because the age of internet marketing is at an end? Of course it isn’t, for many years to come at least. So what could it be? It is probably because your website design is not captive enough. Let’s run through some of the most common mistakes people make when designing their websites:

  1. No Clue What Your Company Does: A person enters your website and sees pictures, videos and what not but he is still left scratching his head. What does the company actually do? Is your company good or trusted? It is extremely crucial to ensure that the products/services offered by your company are visible on the main page easily and not lost at the end. It never hurts to add in some consumer testimonials.
  2. Messy Content: What makes a good website design work? Content. Spend time over developing the right content for your website and keep it updating. Key things to keep in mind:
    • Nothing is more off putting then a big chunk of text. Use headline, bullets and subheads. People usually just skim through. Optimize your SEO.
    • Customer goes to a page and is looking around trying to see what it is about. Always give tittle to web pages.
    • Scroll, Scroll & Scroll Some more: Having a very long webpage with tons of information on each page is not cool. Or maybe you have a webpage where you have a slide show of top ways why your products is best but no way of viewing it as list?
    • Most importantly, no one wants to see a website under construction or things from two years back on a website. Keep your website updated.
  3. Jarring the Visitor With Sound: Sure it sound like a good idea to have your latest product advertisement on auto play so that you know it is heard. Think again. Auto play videos are annoying and mostly prompt the visitor to just close the page rather than looking for a mute option. Let the visitor decide if he wants to play the video. Similarly, use of pop ups as soon as website loads is cringe worthy.
  4. Clutter Everywhere: Too much of anything is bad. Avoid these things:
    • Bombardment of images. Use the pictures to drive a point home, don’t make the webpage about the picture. White space is important for a reason.
    • Too many gimmicks make your website slow as a turtle.
  5. Forgetting the Smart User: Not making your website mobile user friendly is one of the cardinal sins in web designing. More and more people use their phones to look things up and not having the option to zoom in on a text or product image can only damage you. Using microscopic text is another no-no.

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