Uses Of Graphic Design In Content Marketing

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

uses of graphic design

With competition springing from left and right, business owners are striving to differentiate themselves from others and to connect with the potential customers. You already know who your target audience is and what you want from them but how to reach them is the dilemma confronting you.  One of the ways is through content marketing that is getting increasingly popular.

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is the process of writing and publishing relevant, valuable and unique content to attract the desired audience. It is often used by business to create awareness about the brand, to help customer make a decision, to achieve a better google ranking and to generate leads.

Why Graphic Design & Content Marketing Are A Match Made in Heaven: After understanding what content marketing is and why companies need it in this competitive world, it is important to know that only great content is not enough. Every website out there is putting out content on the internet daily and you need to differentiate yourselves from others. We are visual beings and connect better with things we see.

This is where the role of graphic design comes into play. Even though graphic designers and content marketers do not see eye to eye on everything, with each believing that what they do is more important. They are both crucial to the success of your marketing effort. After all, you both want the same thing.

By following the below mentioned steps, you can have killer content marketing material for your website:

  1. Focus on Content: It does not mean that graphics are not important but the first thing to take care of is the actual content. First, decide what you want to say to the audience and complete the content before starting to work on graphic design.
  2. Do Not Change The Content Once Done: Before you start working on the graphic side of it, make sure there are no more changes to be done to the content. Because even a small change can mean reworking the entire.
  3. Finding the Right Images & Their Placement: You need to keep focus on your main objective here which is to give information to customer, so ensure that you arrive at an optimum ratio of images to words. Sprinkle them across the article after every 80-100 words. Images are there to keep the user engaged and not to overpower the content.

Make sure you give yourself time to research the right images. It may sound easy but it can be extremely hard when you need more than 10 images in a single article. Adding your own created relevant images is even better. As per statistics, content with relevant images is viewed 94% times more.

  1. Infographics: One of the best uses of graphic design is using infographics to tell the story. People process that information much quicker and you can present the knowledge in a compressed form. They make excellent content for sharing as well.
  2. Clear CTA: A good graphic design can make the call to action on your webpage more prominent in a way that it easily attracts the visitor and prompts them to take action.

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