Updates 2015.07.13

Monday, July 13th, 2015

A few new updates were made to the website.

Bugs squished

  • Google+ social option for custom source was not working properly.
  • Login form for landing page was not working.
  • Fixed remember me bug for 10KHits Exchanger app.
  • Alexa rank was causing issues with our Exchanger (we decided to remove it entirely).

Improvements made

  • Add 3 new benefits on front page.
  • Set “View Not Safe For Work pages?” to OFF by default on signup.
  • Ignore case in promo codes.
  • Updated geo-targeting algorithm.
  • Removed pull-down animation for Reset Password form.
  • Site Auditor now scans for malware via VirusTotal API.

Filed under: Tips & Tricks

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