Updates 2015.06.28

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

A few new updates were made to the website.

Bugs squished

  • Surf Now button on sidebar was not working in the 10KHits Exchanger app.
  • Display of Traffic Source for Social options were not displaying in the individual website panels (this did not effect the functionality of custom traffic source).
  • A few scheduled tasks caused high server load because they were all triggered at the same time.
  • Some promotional code functionality was not working properly.
  • Hits Received in Websites page was diplaying higher amounts than total (did not reflect the graph in Overview page).

Improvements made

  • After log in, redirect to last visited page.
  • Enhanced web server performance.
  • NSFW filtering functionality.
  • Added an additional server to our Exchange Network.

Filed under: Tips & Tricks

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