Top Six Characteristics of a Great Graphic Designer

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

great graphic designer

People great at what they do have pointers that can be used to distinguish them apart from the mediocre. A stellar sportsman can be identified by their talent and dedication to growing that talent, a great politician can be easily identified by the ability to rally people to a worthy cause. It is no different when it comes to the arts. This article will point out the six top characteristics possessed by great graphic designers who are currently under demand due to the online boom.



Graphic design is an art. A graphic designer must have creativity and lots of creativity at that. In this line of thought, it follows that a great graphic designer should have more than enough creativity to spare to come up with relevant designs depending on the needs of clients.


Artistic abilities

Having artistic skills is simply a staple for a graphic designer. The great graphic designer however should have proficiency in a variety of artistic skills of relevance. Moreover, the love for artistic skills should be present. The better the creative and artistic skills one has, the greater they will scale the world of graphic design. If you do not have any artistic capabilities, graphic design is definitely not for you.


Good communicator

Graphic design involves coming up with good ideas and designs for clients according to their needs and specifications. There is no way this will be possible if a graphic designer cannot effectively communicate with the client to ascertain what the client really needs. This fact is further illuminated by the fact that some clients may not have any art orientation yet they may be after goals that require the services of a graphic designer. Being a good communicator is a characteristic present in any great designer.


Audience knowledge

A great graphic designer has the intended audience at the back of their mind when coming up with design ideas. The fact is that different audiences respond to different designs and images. The gulf between what an adult, a teenager and a child would respond to further illuminates this. Without the audience in mind, a designer might come up with something totally inappropriate hence making this characteristic one of the must have for a great graphic designer.


Embraces change

The world of graphic design is ever changing with different trends coming and going. One-moment simple themes might be the in thing and the other moment complex themes might be what clients are after. More so, having an open-minded approach makes it possible to handle criticism and change accordingly. It is a well-known fact that no one starts out as great, having an open mind however, is one of the characteristics needed to get there. The great graphic designers know and practice this.



There is no shortcut to having priorities and prioritizing what one has on their plate to be successful. Great graphic designers have priorities. They are disciplined and are able to meet deadlines when and as per the clients’ specifications. In this manner, they are reliable, straightforward and handle their affairs professionally. This is an important attribute that is bound to be present in every great graphic designer.

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