Tips on Driving Competitors Traffic to Your Website

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

driving competitor traffic

Competition is something that comes to our minds as soon as we think of the word business. In this ever-competitive world, every business has not just one but many competitors. Businesses have been, since time unknown, striving to be better than their competitor, after all they are all after the same piece of pie aka the same potential customer. Similarly, it is no different in the world of marketing and website traffic. We are all in a constant battle to be the king of the search and to drive more traffic to our website.

Let us look a little deeper into how to go about stealing your competitors’ traffic.

Know Your Competitors’ Company Website: As with anything, analysis starts by looking into the basic information that we can gleam from their website using sites such as SimilarWeb:

  • How much traffic the website is getting every month;
  • Average time each visitor spends on the website;
  • Where the traffic is coming from;
  • Geographic distribution of the traffic;
  • Bounce rate of the website.

You can compare your numbers with the competitors’ number to see where you rank. If the traffic is dropping for both of you but less for you, which means you are doing something right. Sources of traffic can tell you which medium is more effective for targeting your customers.

Know Their Keywords: With the help of SEMRush, you can easily see what the top listed keywords are for your competitors’ website. You can use this information in two ways:

  • Use the same keywords in your new content but make sure that your content is actually better and stronger than the competitors’.
  • Rather than targeting the same keywords, you can use keywords that are associated with it, known as LSI and make content based on those.

Know Where the Competitor Is Getting Traffic: If there is a highly reputed competing website from which the competitors’ website is getting a lot of traffic, it is at times worthwhile to contact the competing website and see if you can get your own website link on it. If your content is better and value adding, these competing websites are willing to give you a link. Make sure your content does not resemble the competitors’ and is unique and fresh.

To know the backlinks for your competitors’ website, you can use tools like Aherf. Some basic information on initial companies is free but it is worth investing in to get the detailed report.

Paid Promotion: First, do a simple google search and see if the competitor is employing some paid ads to generate traffic. If they are, it can mean that despite the cost associated with it, the value added by them is greater. Even if the competitor is not using any paid advertising tactics, it is often important to use them. Rather than going the conventional way, you can use social media for paid sponsored content.


It is a competitive world and in order to stay ahead of the rivals, it is important to utilize all the available resources at your disposal. After all, only the fittest survive.

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