The Benefits of Google Analytics: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore It

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

The Benefits of Google Analytics Why You Can't Afford to Ignore It

Do you know what Google Analytics is?

If not, this article will teach you about it and why it’s useful. You’ll also find out how to install the free tool on your website. Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that can help you understand your site’s audience, their demographics, what keywords they use to find your site, the countries they reside in and so much more! It can also help you pinpoint problems with your website so you know what needs to be improved or fixed. With this data, it’ll be easy to optimize your website for increased traffic and conversion rates.


  1. What is Google Analytics
  2. Why you need to install it
  3. How to install it
  4. The benefits of having Google Analytics on your site



What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics system that provides an overview on how people are coming to your website, what they’re doing when they’re on it, and which pages or content are popular.



Why You Need to Install it

Google Analytics gives you the ability to know who your audience is on your site, where they’re from, and what they’re looking for. With this information, you’ll be able to tailor your site specifically towards their needs and create a better experience for them. The more time visitors spend on your site, the higher chance they’ll convert into leads and/or customers.



How to Install It

It’s easy! You just need to create an account and install the software onto your website. It’s as simple as adding a snippet of code onto your website’s header or by installing a plugin on your WordPress blog.



The benefits of having Google Analytics on your site

Google Analytics gives you a great deal of information about your website which is very helpful for measuring and improving its profitability.

Below are the main benefits of using this tool:

  1. Good reporting on traffic sources to create new content that works well with keywords on search engines, blogs, social networks or other platforms.
  2. Advanced website statistics that help you monitor your site’s performance and understand how people are using it.
  3. The ability to see where the traffic is coming from, location of users, what pages they visited on the website, whether they came through a search engine or directly to the site by typing in its address, etc.
  4. Find out how many goals (e.g., downloads, registrations, sales, subscriptions) you’ve made and the conversion rate of each one to be able to improve it in the future.
  5. See if people are filling forms or buying things on your website so you can learn which fields to fix or change in order to increase your conversions.
  6. If you have multiple properties, find out which content on each one is most popular so you can keep creating more of it in the future.




Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you measure the success of your website. It can also help you improve your website’s traffic and conversion rates. In order to get the most out of Google Analytics, you should install it on your website and buy website traffic.

When you buy quality traffic, you’re getting visitors who are interested in what you have to offer. This means that they’re more likely to convert into leads or customers. And, since Google Analytics can tell you where your traffic is coming from, you’ll be able to target your advertising efforts more effectively.

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