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Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

remarketing strategy

Digital marketing or internet marketing  has evolved superfast in the last decade or so with the advent and popularity of new marketing strategies, principles, ideas and assisting softwares of various categories like web analytic or E-commerce. But with everybody plunging into the same pool, the competition has become fierce and advanced. Competition begins right from being visible on the search engine page or in other web pages. Visibility on the SERP is one of the initial stages of internet marketing; accomplished by paid or unpaid SEM or Search Engine Marketing. In this stage you want your visitors to click on your ad or organic links and visit your web page. In this context, remarketing is the next logical step for online advertisement. Remarketing means to post ads in several websites across several networks that your visitors visit. People often leave your website without doing business or other desired interactions. You pull in those visitors with Remarketing ads with an attempt to convert them into customers. Customers are also pulled in with retargeting ads for further sales. However, it is to be noted that Remarketing is ad posting; it will cost you. Thus it needs to be balanced and optimized so that you get a higher conversion rate and a better ROI. Following are some tips in this context that can help you generate an optimized Remarketing strategy:

  1. Ad budget should be proportionally reduced on early stage visitors. Selecting everyone for remarketing ads is not a wise idea. It is true larger the number of ad impressions larger is the conversion rate. But this is that area of sales funnel where you select and you select wisely. This will increase your ROI. Visitor who only visited your home page need not be given all those high budget remarketing ads. You can send them a soft CTA like a webinar or a newsletter about your newly launched product.
  2. Lead quality is more important than lead quantity for any middle phase online business. Business objectives change with growth. Your remarketing policies should change accordingly. Aggressive CRO increases lead quantity but reduces lead quality. Generating leads may not lead to a better ROI in certain aspects especially when you are spending on remarketing ads. A perfect balance needs to be achieved between lead quality and quantity. Large web traffic and revisits might not help to promote sales or promote sales that are very less meaningful and profitable to your business according to your current status. Try to categorize your visitors: those who may not make sales, those who will make sales, those who will make small sales and those who will make large sales. Send different types and different budget remarketing ads accordingly. Sometimes, the business might require generating some specific amount of leads or customers in a specified amount of time. You need to plan your remarketing strategies accordingly.
  • Remarketing today is being modified into something called Super Remarketing by combining factors like demographics, behavior and tempting contents. Do not forget to try the trends.

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