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Friday, September 11th, 2015

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Some people out there, especially those frequent internet users, may have often heard of how a website can bring in a lot of cash. Well, this is not easy to achieve, though. In order for a website to bring in a decent amount of revenues, it needs to have plenty of visits per day. To achieve that, there are a number of things that a website owner can actually do. One thing that a website owner is highly recommended to do is to use Facebook to his advantage. Yes, believe it or not, Facebook can really help a website owner and his website flourish. So, what is a website owner supposed to do?


Post Interesting Updates

The more interesting a post on Facebook is, the more people will pay attention to the post. But now, how to make a post interesting? For one, the post needs to sound quirky and witting. To come up with a quirky and witting post, a website owner can try a diverse range of ways to post an update.


Relevancy Does Matter

Sometimes, a website owner just posts something that does not even have anything to do with his website. This is not something recommended to do at all. In fact, this can very well drive away potent visitors to his website. A website owner needs to keep in mind that Facebook members will only pay attention to posts that are relevant to the thing being talked about on the posts.


Short Is Smart

Posting a long update on Facebook is something that a website owner should never do. The longer a post is, the worse it becomes. Because there are millions of people connected on Facebook, a Facebook member may not have the time to check a long post from someone. This is because that member usually wants to check from plenty of other updates in his network of friends as well. So, the best thing to do here is to keep a post short.


Take Photographs

Yes, that’s right! If a website owner can take interesting photographs to include in his every post, he is bound to receive more traffic than he can ever image. Statistically speaking, a post with a photo tends to garner more attention than a post without one. It is just natural for people on a social networking site to respond to an image, either by liking, sharing or commenting on the image. However, the image needs to have a good quality. In addition to that, it also needs to be relevant with the topic being talked about within the post posted by the website owner.


Trigger a 2-Way Interaction

It is best if a website owner can trigger a 2-way interaction between him and his fans on Facebook. This can be done, for instance, by asking Facebook members for comments on his posts. Or, to make it simpler and easier, a website owner can simply ask questions to other Facebook members in his posts. However, when there is anyone responding to him, the website owner should make sure that he always responds back. This will make the person responding to his questions feel closer to the website owner, building a rather personal relationship between them.

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