Driving Traffic to Your Blog – What You Should Not Do

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Blog Traffic Not Do

If you have a blog and it is working fine for some time, yet it no longer sees the same success these days, perhaps you may want to ask yourself what you have done wrong. Well, to be honest with you, there are not few blog owners out there who end up doing all the wrong things that eventually cause their loyal visitors to turn away from their page. Of course, nobody wants their blog to be left behind by their visitors. So, if you plan on building a successful blog for the years to come, perhaps it is a wise idea to follow the tips that are about to be revealed to you here shortly.


  1. Write Only for Yourself


This is the number one mistake trap that a lot of blog owners often fall into. For no apparent reason, some blog owners seem to think that because it is their blog, they can write whatever it is they want to write. If your posts contain only what you want to share, no matter how irrelevant they are with your business brand and no matter how random they are, you will certainly lose your visitors, slowly but surely.


  1. Never Put Any Additional Links


Some blog owners out there either misunderstand or are just so selfish that they do not allow any additional links to be included in their blogs. However, what you need to know is that a professional blog owner will use his blog to drive traffic to his website. To do that, he needs to include links in his blog posts, links that lead to his website. In addition to linking to his website, a professional blog owner will occasionally put links to some great sources of information other than his website as well.


  1. Never Appreciate Blurry Images


It is unknown when blog owners start using blurry images. However, if you pay a visit to quite a few blogs in similar niche to yours, you will most likely find one or two that have blurry images in them. Well, to be honest, such images look less professional. In addition to that, it is more difficult for visitors to understand the message of the image if it is blurry.


So, instead of using blurry images, it is much more recommended to use high quality images. This will give your blog a more professional looking appearance.


  1. Use a Boring Design Style


What better way is there than to use a boring design style to urge visitors to leave your blog almost immediately? If the design of your blog seems boring, chances are, people will leave it as soon as they arrive on the page. They will not even care at all about the contents you have on your blog, even though they may prove to be very useful. With that being said, it is highly recommended that you use a beautiful design style, a customized one. Not only will this make your blog more beautiful, it will also give your blog a unique identity of its own.

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