5 Ways to Sell on YouTube

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

sell on Youtube

While images say a thousand words, videos are even better. People are more interested in watching videos than staring at still images. Keeping that in mind, it is a good idea to sell products on YouTube, the world’s leading video sharing platform. Speaking of which, below are five ways you can use to become a successful YouTube marketer.


  1. Do Not Target Viral Success

This may sound strange at first. After all, viral success is what most people go for. Yet, this is one of the biggest mistakes ever. Instead of focusing your attention on viral success, you will be better off combining your YouTube videos with paid views and targeted advertisements that are placed strategically. Viral success will then come on its own.


  1. Address Consumers’ Pain Point

One vital thing to keep in mind when creating YouTube videos for marketing is that people can’t succeed only by becoming entertaining. Therefore, when you create a YouTube video, try your best to address your target consumers’ pain point.


  1. Make Use of Comedy or Music

It is a good idea to add some comedy or music to your videos. This is because it is in the nature of the people in this world to respond to both humor and music. As a matter of fact, if you pay attention, how a song rhythm develops is similar to how a joke develops.


  1. Think about Content and Distribution Optimization

About 10% of the success that your video is or is not going to have will be determined by its content. Then, the remaining 90% will hugely depend on the distribution of the video. This is why you need to conduct some A/B testing of your video in order to optimize it. In fact, you may even consider making tens of different versions of your sales videos only for testing purposes. Then, you can try to assess which version of the videos that performs best.


  1. Pay Attention to Opening and Closing while Eliminating Unnecessary Elements

You need to make your sales videos short. If there are some elements that do not add up to your sales message, you had better get rid of these elements. After disposing of all those elements that are not required in the videos and ones which won’t help you make a sale at all, you need to pay detailed attention to the opening and closing parts of your sales videos. Whether you realize it or not, the very first five seconds of a video often prove to be the most crucial part. These first five seconds of your videos will determine whether your viewers are likely to stay put and watch your videos to the end or turn their face away to another video. Hence, you should really try your best to make an attention catching opener. Yet, as your video is getting close to its end, make sure to put a call to action so that all your efforts will not go into waste instead.

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