3 useful tips to design your website the modern way

Friday, August 11th, 2017

modern web design

Web designing is a dynamic art. It is being updated every moment with new ideas and creativity to make user experience even better. In this article, three important issues or tips related to modern day web designing is being discussed.

  1. Typography: Web design cannot be accomplished with a typography which matches the style and the theme of the web page. Making typography unique has been in trend for some time now. The new concept is using large typography. Every major company uses a particular type of typography so that they are identifiable instantly. It is like that ‘half-eaten apple’ of Apple. There are several types of font available with new and upcoming software that can be used to make the statement for your website. Typography represents your identity or your theme of your website. For example, it can indicate that whether you are sharing information only via your website or you are a functional or business website. Many companies like New Yorkers use multiple kinds of typography to express different functional sections of their website. Another most important issue in this context is that the web designer should choose such a type which is universal or in other words can be displayed correctly in all the popular browsers. After all the hard work, you definitely would not want to display your web page in an unappealing way. The whole idea of designing would be lost.
  2. Flat to semi-flat design: A Flat design is basically those where the fonts do not contain a three dimensional effects like shadows. Flat design or semi flat design is now being accepted to be a smart effective choice of using in a website. This is because they are easier to load and view. They are easier to understand also. Apple chose to re-initiate the era of Flat design bringing back this old trend.

Back ground videos: This is another popular technique which is used nowadays. In many websites, as you load you can see a video which starts running in a part of the web page all by itself. This relatively new concept helps to input a large amount of information to the user effectively since it is easier to comprehend or digest information when given in an audio-video format. It is also easier to load. A background video does not block the user’s view. He is not imposed to view the video. It just runs in the background. Having said that, the percentage of viewers completely ignoring the video is negligible. In fact, most of us prefer to see a movie instead of reading through columns of internet text. Our brain can process a movie quickly than a book. Since time is an important factor in the world of internet surfing, web pages that contain background videos have been very successful. Sometimes the main video can be cleverly attached with this opening video. Visitors who see the background video are often intrigued into clicking to the main video part.

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