Updates 2015.04.19

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

A few new updates were made to the website.

Bugs squished

  • Paypal and Payza payments were not updating users’ accounts.
  • Fixed word-wrapping for support tickets, users were having trouble reading the support tickets.
  • Fixed promotional code bug in checkout system for promo codes with discounts.
  • Referral banners were not showing properly for old URL paths.
  • Surfing some pages caused “Too fast, no points were earned.” message.
  • Deleting URLs were not working in IE 8 and below.
  • Report URL was not working in 10KHits Exchanger.

Improvements made

  • URLs in support tickets are now clickable links.
  • Support tickets awaiting for your reply are now shown on sidebar.
  • You can now one-click copy to clipboard the html codes for referral banners.
  • Traffic exchange algorithm improved.

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